Soil Testing is one of those things that isn’t a one-size-fits-all. The cost of soil testing greatly varies depending on several different factors. This means each location tends to have a different price and the scale of the job is also a contributing factor in the cost of your soil test.

However, soil tests are a crucial part of the design and building process as it ensures the builders have important information concerning the site and the soil conditions present. At Soil Test Express, we aim to provide a comprehensive soil contamination report that includes all the necessary information required for a safe build on the site.

Breakdown of Soil Testing Costs

When you get in touch with us for a quote on costs, you can be sure the soil test price given will include nothing but high-quality services.

Run-time of project

We will ensure your project runs smoothly and on time. Our professionals are nothing if not efficient. If you have a timeline to meet, talk to our experts about it and we can provide advice on the best time to carry out a soil test to meet your needs.

Professional and Reliable Engineers

All of our customers have one point of contact — the engineer assigned to your project. This way no matter what tests you need done and what advice you need, it’ll be through the same person. This allows for a wholistic overview and better understanding of your site, which will lead to better results.

High Quality Tools and Machines

At Soil Test Express, we ensure that all our tools and machinery are maintained and serviced regularly. This increases the accuracy of our reporting and provides our customers with better results.

Melbourne’s Preferred Provider of Soil Testing Solutions

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